Pilates & Barre classes focus on improving your fitness, posture, core and muscle strength whilst using correct technique and alignment using balls, weights, bands, circles, sliders and more to make your workout fun, and diverse.

A Barre class is designed on the principles of Pilates, dance and fitness.  Barre classes will help improve your posture, alignment and balance all whilst toning and tightening your entire body. 

The classes primarily use the barre for most exercises, and the classes have cardio intervals interspersed throughout the workout to get your heart rate up.  We use a variety of equipment to really maximise your workout including elastics, balls, sliders and weights.  At Ambition Studios, we base our classes on the Barre Attack method which you can learn more about here.

Pilates focuses on core stability, and strengthening and toning the entire body.  It is one of the most effective forms of exercise to change body shape and tone up because it targets all of the muscles in the body.  Pilates helps to improve your posture through correct muscle activation and control.  Pilates also helps to correct muscle imbalances. 

We aim to strengthen any muscles that are weak and stretch any muscles which may be tight.  Pilates aims for your body’s muscles to be symmetrical and to do the job for which they were intended.  After years of using some muscles incorrectly, when you start to use them correctly, you will feel lengthened and strengthened.

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