A tailored fitness program designed to kick start your healthier lifestyle and change the way you think about nutrition and exercise. Designed and led by our instructors with more then 20 years experience and backgrounds in physiotherapy and nutrition, the team at Ambition will be giving you the tools to achieve and maintain your individual goals with sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Ambition Studios 28 day challenge is ideal for you if you:

  • Want to see results through a tailored program of training and eating healthy.

  • Want to see a visible change in your strength, body tone and overall fitness.

  • Love to work-out in a fun and personalised environment.

  • Looking for fitness and lifestyle advice from our team.

  • Looking for a supportive community of like-minded people.

  • Looking for extra motivation to kick-start your road to a healthier you.

    What's included:

  • 16 classes at Ambition Studios over 28 days, 4 classes per week.

  • Before & after body scans. 

  • Ambition Studios tailored meal plan.  

  • Weekly recipe planner. 

  • Dedicated “Ambition Studios 28 day Challenge” Facebook page for support, recipes, health tips and more.

  • A pair of Pilates socks.


  • $99 Ambition Studios Members 

  • $299 Non members and clients on purchased packs

If you’re interested please email us at: info@ambitionstudios.com.au

Our mission is to support and mentor you to reach your full potential physically, mentally and mindfully.

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