Brunna Cardoso

Brunna’s journey to becoming a Pilates instructor began when she completed her bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in 2008. Since completing her degree she has set down a path of health, nutrition and wellbeing. Polestar Pilates is where she honed her skills in Mat and reformer. Working with her clients to better improve their day to day life is her goal with a focus on rehabilitation. Brunna is passionate about using Pilates to heal her clients.


Kelly Harris

Kelly has been actively, passionately involved in fitness for over 22 years. She started taking Pilates in 2006 shortly after giving birth to her third child. She quickly realised that it was the perfect cross training regime to strengthen, tone, and stretch her body as well as focus her mind.  Kelly received her Pilates Mat and Reformer certifications in 2013 from Studio Pilates and recently has completed her full Comprehensive Global Pilates Certification with BASI. Kelly is excited to now be one of the new owners at Ambition Studios and can’t wait to share her love of Pilates and health with others. 




Roser Carmona

Amazed by the magnificent effects I felt in my own body while studying and practising Pilates I realised how powerful this method of exercise is to improve our health and even prevent and treat injuries.I have background as a Physiotherapist and I am very passionate about helping people. I totally believe physical activity is a fundamental pillar for our health and well-being. I am an optimistic and encouraging person who enjoys doing activities outdoors, such as running. Currently, I am training to run a half marathon to keep fit and to achieve a very important personal goal. Pilates is an essential part of my training program as it provides me with the joint stability and muscular strength that I need to run more efficiently.


Luana Reis

Luana graduated from Polestar Pilates in 2009 and qualified as a physiotherapist in Brazil in 2007. She has been the owner of a pilates studio since 2011, loves working with people, movement, posture and seeing the benefits of her work in her clients! Luana also loves working with manual therapies so if you need a massage talk to her! Luana specialises in working with Miofascial Release, Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Linfatic Drenage. She believes that we should respect our body always and listen to what it says, for the body know's best!